Direct-takeover- how to- get-more clients for your cleaning business

Have you ever heard of Cinderella? She started off scrubbing floors, but with a bit of magic, her life was transformed forever. While we may not have a fairy godmother, we have something that might just be the next best thing for service-based businesses. And the best example of this magical transformation? Look no further than Master Maids USA.

When Master Maids USA first swept into the scene, they were doing things the old-fashioned way, relying solely on word-of-mouth for new business. While there’s something charming about the ‘talk-of-the-town’ method, it’s kind of like cleaning a skyscraper with a toothbrush. Sure, you might get a window or two sparkling, but there’s a whole building left untouched!

Enter the game-changer: our partnership with Master Maids USA. When they decided to strap on their jet packs and blast into the modern marketing era with us, things started to look a little less Cinderella-before-the-ball and a little more fairy-tale-ending.

In just five months, they went from word-of-mouth whispers to online advertising powerhouses. We developed a proven system tailored for their needs, sprinkling a bit of our marketing pixie dust on their strategy, and voila!

The result of this partnership? They are now raking in $15k-$20k per month solely from new customers that we’ve ushered in. They didn’t just double, but tripled their revenue, and those numbers keep shooting up like Jack’s infamous beanstalk. Now, their most significant problem isn’t scraping together new business – it’s keeping up with the demand. Talk about a nice problem to have!

While we’d love to say it was all down to a magic wand, the truth is, this transformation was due to a blend of careful strategy, modern marketing methods, and a willingness to embrace change. And of course, a sprinkle of magic from our team at Direct Takeover.

Master Maids USA’s story is not a one-off fairy tale. With the right approach, you can transform your service-based business from word-of-mouth whispers to an online advertising success story.

Ready to swap the broom for a magic wand?

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