The Exposure You Need to Takeover Your Local Market
Discover a constant stream of ready-to-book customers flowing towards your services, with credit cards at the ready and no haggling in sight.
Client Center
Manage your customer data like never before with our comprehensive, always-accessible CRM, turning your database into a gold mine whether you're at home or on the move.
The Smart Texting Tool to Takeover Your Local Market
Let artificial intelligence take the wheel of your communications, sending tailored messages to your customers at every stage of their journey, relieving you from tedious legwork.
The Scheduling Tool to Takeover Your Local Market
Enable your customers to book services at their convenience with our automated booking system, ensuring a consistent flow of quality clients and giving you peace of mind.
The Payments Tool to Takeover Your Local Market
Effortlessly send invoices straight from our system by linking your payment processor, making ROI tracking easier than ever.
The Reviews Tool to Takeover Your Local Market
Boost your online presence by easily sending review requests via text messages, enhancing your brand reputation, and attracting more customers.

Why Businesses Like Yours ❤️ Direct Takeover 🚀

Accelerate Sustainable Growth

“Our amount of real and qualified leads has sky rocketed! Everyday we are speaking with local potential clients... and closing them!”

K Tristen

Tax Specialist

Target and Close Your Ideal Client

“Our calendar is busier than ever, and it's the exact customer base that we have been looking and hoping for!“

P Barboza

Barboza & Sons Roofing, Manager

Immediate Engagement

“We respond to new inquiries from customers immediately, which is huge for landing a customer before your competition! “

L Maidman

Personal Injury Lawyer

Track Your ROI with Precision:

“In the last 3 months, we've turned less than 10k in marketing spend to over 45k in NEW Business through this tool... And a lot is reoccurring!"

M Costa

CleanInOut, Owner

Every Tool Your Business Needs to Take Over Your Market.

Master Your Customer Database:

Access and manage your customer data anywhere, anytime.

Customers Ready to Book

Turbo-charge your growth by connecting with clients in desperate need of your service.

Secure Seamless Bookings & Payments

Simplify scheduling and payments with our slick online booking and payment system.

Automate to Engage

Set your customer engagement to cruise control with our AI text automation. Less manual work, more time saved, and skyrocketing bookings!

Track Your ROI with Precision

Keep your finger on the pulse with our crystal-clear weekly ROI reports.

Boost Your Online Reputation

Turn happy customers into your marketing army with our direct review feature. Sky-high Google ratings that pull in new customers like a magnet!

Learn How Businesses Like Yours Use Direct Takeover

“When you adopt the right technology, it can be a great equalizer. It can enable small businesses to win.”

— Matthew Wood, Owner, Metzwood Insurance

“If you’re a retailer, I would suggest you use Direct Takeover. It gives you direct access to your customers, and they’re going to be happier because of it.”

— Madylin Sweeten, Merchandise Marketing Manager, La Furniture

“When we first signed up with Direct Takeover we had a couple hundred reviews, now we have over 3,000.”

— Matt Sneed, Director of Operations, Power Ford

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